A world without friends is like a world without life... friends help you through difficult times, friends inspire, motivate but also critisize you...

And it's just for those and not only those reasons, everyone should have one, life can be heaven, but life can also be hell!

We are lucky to count on a couple of hands of those people, people who helped us throughout our lives, people who let us be... people who let us shine!


Along the way we met and networked with a lot of influential people, a lot of nice people & a lot of people with great skills in different departments. We like to put them in the spotlight on this page, they earned it!


DJ & Producer (with success)
the last gallery was a success due to him, and so will be the latest!


Webdesigner & Entrepeneur,
generator of moral support & "levensgenieter" :)




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For the upcoming parties, a lot of work is done by guys working for the teams above, if you like what you see, don't hesitate to contact them or me for their rates and further information!

Written by: Michelle